Thursday, 18 August 2011


I appreciate that I always open these posts with an excuse, but - again - I've been away, but more than that I think I've had writer's block.  This is probably a pretty ridiculous claim given the whole blogging about other people's creativity which requires little of my own creativity, but honestly I haven't known how to write anything on here.

But then on the radio a couple of days ago I heard a song - 'The Beat and the Pulse' - which was quite striking in the sort of Bat For Lashes-esque pretty, delicate, fragile, trancelike sound it had going on, and it was actually by Canadian group Austra who I randomly mentioned last time because they did that lovely cover of 'Alone, Together'.  So this is incredibly old news seeing as their debut album was out on Domino back in May, but if you haven't listened and you'd like something a bit different (I'm thinking fans of Beach House, and possibly Beirut off the top off my head) then I'd say this was definitely music worth checking out.

And like I said last time - I love this cover.

MP3: 'Alone, Together' (The Strokes cover) - Austra

Buy 'Let It Break' from here.

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