Monday, 29 August 2011

"You mirror-gaze while I decide the moment you were deified"

My borderline obsessive love of Bombay Bicycle Club has calmed a lot in the past two years, which means that I've not been keeping up to date as much as I used to, and, much as I'm sorry to admit it, I suppose I've been a bit disinterested.  However, having chanced upon their sublime performance at Reading on television this weekend, I suddenly felt a massive rush of affection and appreciation for their music, remembering exactly what it was that I loved about them all along.

And so today brings us their new album, 'A Different Kind of Fix' (which was actually the name of a weirdly brilliant demo song the band released back in 2008, posted below), a return to the non-acoustic side of things after last year's delicate, folky wonder of an album, 'Flaws'.  Their third album is something of an epic sonic experience which doesn't shy away from trying new things - at times, indeed, you are very much reminded of the recent interviews in which the band profess a new love of dance and electronic music over the guitar-driven songs of their early days.  

There are all sorts of different timbres and textures, those ever-beautiful slightly awkward vocals and lyrics, and yet, overall, there is a justified feeling of confidence that seems to tentatively grow with each release.  For those earlier fans who worry that it maybe a mistake for the band to be toying with loops and layered vocals over their tried and tested brand of soaring guitar music, this third album offers nothing but reassurance, because I think at the heart of Bombay Bicycle Club there is always a focus on writing good songs.  Indeed, there tends to be such a preoccupation on singles these days, that it's a rarity when there's an album made up entirely of strong, challenging and exciting tracks.

So I can say this relatively passively, I think, given that I've been a lot less absorbed in the band's fandom lately - 'A Different Kind of Fix' is definitely one of those euphoria-inducing rarities, and it's a real joy to listen to.

'A Different Kind of Fix' is out today on Island, and you can buy it here.

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