Monday, 7 November 2011

swansea recreation centre

I've never been to Swansea, but thanks to Joanna Newsom and then Bombay Bicycle Club, the place has held some sort of mystical, lovely depiction in my mind (and is it me, or is "how I would love to gnaw, to gnaw on your bones so white" an oddly pretty piece of lyricism?).

London band swansea recreation centre have never been to Swansea either, but their music too has a distinctly pleasant, peaceful aura about it.  That du jour meeting of dazed male and female vocals over eerie electronic beats makes for some nice listening, although at times their EP, 'Hi Tom / Hey Tom Blood' veers into sounds which are perhaps a little bit too pretentious.  Still, worth listening to if you're into Summer Camp and a slightly tropical take on chillwave.

  surf touch (beaches) by swansea recreation centre

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