Friday, 13 January 2012

The World Unfolds

Gabriel and the Hounds, aka. Brooklyn-dweller Gabriel Levine, will release his debut album, 'Kiss Full of Teeth' in early March, and judging by the sorts of artists he's friends with (many of whom have featured on his debut offering), it's fair to anticipate that this is going to be a pretty exciting album.  Well, you know; that's if The National, Beirut, St. Vincent and Sufjan Stevens are of any interest to you.

...Yeah, exactly.

From the sounds of 'The World Unfolds' - the track Levine is currently offering up for free download (link below) - though, Gabriel and the Hounds is a musical project worth listening to in it's own right; jaded lyrics from deep, gravelly vocals and simple yet melodious instrumentation.  It's not a "first-time-listen-crazy-amazing-impressive" kind of track, but there's certainly potential, and it definitely grows with each listen. And while I can't be sure if this is true of the entire album as yet, this particular song at least reminds me of the pleasant aural experience that was Albert Hammond Jr.'s solo work (and, as a Strokes fan, you know I mean that as a compliment). 

Gabriel & The Hounds - The World Unfolds by communionmusic

Needless to say, given the strength of the names involved and the decent enough first track, I'm intrigued to hear more.

'Kiss Full of Teeth' will be out on March 5th on Communion Records.

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